Father Jim Blount Message of Eucharistic Revival and Divine Love

Posted on 01/16/2023

Talk about Eucharistic Revival! Watch for the moment when Father Blount's heart becomes enflamed describing the infinite love we receive at Holy Mass, as his message is being translated to Lithuanian.

Father Blount help us to understand the mystery and truth of Divine Love and some "saintly secrets" for our journey to Heaven. "We have to be careful sometimes at Mass, because we might float off the floor."

This message was recorded from Father Blount's international travels, readings from Oct. 30, 2022. Praying for our Lithuanian brothers and sisters as the spread the Flame of Love.

You may download the transcript of this message at: https://flameoflove.us/posts/father-blount-on-divine-love-and-the-eucharist/

From the Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann: "If you attend Holy Mass while under no obligation to do so and you are in a state of grace before God, during that time, I will pour out the Flame of Love of my heart and blind Satan. My graces will flow abundantly to the souls for whom you offer the Holy Mass. . . Participation in the Holy Mass is what helps the most to blind Satan.”
(Mary, November 22, 1962)

The Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was given to the Church for the specific purpose of blinding Satan so that he loses his influence and souls are able to respond to grace and mercy and become sanctified so as to live in God's perfect will and love.

The Holy Mass is the most powerful weapon we have to blind satan and be converted. Praise God!
What other ways can we blind satan so as to become living Flames of Love in the Will of God?
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