Flame of Love Basics - Complete Dedication To The Salvation Of Souls

Posted on 02/14/2020

In this cenacle presentation, we discuss a spiritually challenging element of the Flame of Love devotion, viz,. the complete dedication of our lives to the salvation of souls. We spend some time exploring how to practically approach this topic and see how Jesus is offering us an opportunity to love. We see how this devotion calls all of us to live the life of the consecrated in the intensity of our commitment. We quote extensively from the Spiritual Diary to see how Jesus insists that this great grace only comes through complete renunciation of ourselves and how this dedication is the needed response to the grave danger we are in today. We see how this is the key to the sainthood to which Jesus calls us in the Flame of Love and how He insists this is attainable even in the context of family — indeed for all and especially the sick. We read many examples of Jesus insisting that the salvation of souls must be our only purpose in life and then view several practical illustrations of Jesus' request in the life of Elizabeth Kindelmann.