Flame of Love Basics - Embracing Suffering - Part 1

Posted on 03/06/2020

This is the first of a multi-part presentation on the largest single topic in the Spiritual Diary, viz., Embracing Suffering. We take a quick look at just a few stunning statements in the Diary in this regard but realize we need to establish a foundation and context before this discussion on suffering will make sense. That foundation is a proper understanding of love. We look at ways we misunderstand love and contrast God's love and human love to show how our human love is entirely inadequate for the eternity and forgiveness of Heaven. We examine the impossibility of living this way without the miracle of salvation and briefly explore how this miracle happens by the action of the Holy Spirit. We conclude this first portion with the statement that Love, Freedom, and Suffering are inseparable and that, for love to be perfect it must be perfectly free and the freedom of love is built in the crucible of suffering.