What do Our Lord and Lady want us to do?

Written on 02/27/2018
The Flame of Love Movement, US (Philadelphia)

First  ​- Pray, ask and beg for the grace to fast, as you will need graces to be able to offer such sacrifices! You will not be able to do this on your own will.  As with all mortifications like fasting, be loving, honest, and wise.  It is the Flame of Love and not the Flame of Responsibility.  We do not ask what do I have to do but what can I do.  If you can fast more, fast more.  If you honestly cannot fast as much, do not and offer some other form of sacrifice.  For medical reasons, some people should not fast at all.  For more information about Flame of Love Fasts, listen to https://flameoflove.us/posts/flame-of-love-basics-fasts/

​Monday - "On Mondays, ​pray ​for the ​Holy Souls​, offering a strict fast (until six) and prayer during the night. Each time you fast, you will free a priest's soul from Purgatory. Whoever practices this fast will themselves be freed within eight days after their death."

​Tuesday - "On Tuesdays, pray for the family and make spiritual communions for each member. My Mother will take each under her protection. Offer night prayer for them. Invoke St. Joseph every day. He will help you."​

​Wednesday ​- "On Wednesdays, pray for priestly vocations. Many young men have these desires, but they do not meet anyone to help them gain the goal. Your night vigil will gain abundant graces."

​Thursday ​- "On Thursdays, make reparation to the Blessed Sacrament. Offer a strict fast (until six) and night prayer for the twelve priests."

​Friday ​- "On Fridays, immerse yourself in My Sacred Passion. During the day, meditate on the Way of the Cross. From noon to three adore my Sacred Wounds." (Note, this can be done even at work or school.) "Keep the Friday fast until the hour when My Sacred Body was lowered from the Cross." (roughly 6:00 PM)

​Saturday ​- "On Saturdays, venerate My Mother in a special way. Seek the grace of a holy death for priests in their final agony. Priest souls in Heaven will intercede for you."

​Sunday ​- "Concerning Sundays, the Redeemer gave no specific instructions."


​Then, be sure to join a Flame of Love Prayer Cenacle!


​-Excerpts from the Flame of Love Diary (simplified version), p. 18