How can I join a Flame of Love Cenacle?

Written on 02/27/2018
The Flame of Love Movement, US (Philadelphia)

We are all called to spread the effects of grace of Mary’s Flame of Love among your families, friends and parishes. In taking up Her cause, an important requisite is to join a cenacle (meaning “the upper room”). To Elizabeth, the Virgin kept insisting, “Take up my Cause. You cannot rest. Do not be tired. Do not give up. All interested in my Cause must come together.” She kept insisting, “Do this. I am the one who urges you.”

The purpose of the cenacles is to: 1) learn more about this Grace and Movement, 2) deepen in your faith in Our Lady’s promises to those who accept this great Grace, and 3) find out how you can help Our Queen in Her cause by spreading the Flame of Love to your loved ones - and to all of humanity.

We anticipate that nearly all parishes where the grace is spread will have cenacles in the next couple years, similarly to what has occurred in Philadelphia where the Movement started.

Visit the Cenacles section of this app to see if there is already one near you. The list is not exhaustive though, as it only displays those cenacles officially registered at the time of this app's creation.

You can also find cenacle listings on the website:

(If you don't see one near you, ask at your parish to see if there is one already in place that isn't listed! If there is, please let us know so we can add it! Just go on the official website and register and/or contact us via the Contact Form. If there isn't one near you, please consider starting one! )