How can I start a Flame of Love Cenacle?

Written on 02/27/2018
The Flame of Love Movement, US (Philadelphia)

1. The first purpose of the Flame of Love (FOL) is for you to become holy.

2. The second purpose is to save as many souls as possible.

3. The third purpose is that God would bless the earth as much as possible.

4. The primary means to achieving those three goals is the forming of prayer cenacles.

5. A prayer cenacle means that a group of people (2, 3, or more) agree to come together each week for at least one hour.

6. These cenacles can be in the parish church (with or without the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament) or in the home.

7. Any home group must be formed only with the knowledge and permission of the pastor. (All is done under obedience.)

8. The Cenacle always opens with the FOL prayers (Just a few. We don't propose a lot of vocal prayers) and the Flame of Love rosary (said with the inserted ejaculation, "Spread the effects...").

9. There is also a teaching, which should begin with the 7 part FOL seminars (each teaching might require more than 1 night).

10. The 6th seminar explains the need for everyone to participate in a community (your cenacle.)

11. The 7th seminar describes the necessity for a devout life. (The follow-up teachings)

12. After these seminars, the Devout Life teachings are given.

13. Outside of this basic format, the cenacles enjoy a freedom of diversity.

14. Begin with your own desire to be part of a cenacle. Then find some others who share your desire. Decide on a place and a time and seek your pastor's permission.

15. Don't be discouraged. To have just a few people come faithfully together each week is a great gift from God.

16. The FOL Communication Center will help you. If you start a group, please let us know, so we can refer others to you. If you are looking for a group, we will help you.

17. A parish can and should have many cenacles. The ideal in the Diary is that every parish always has some group or someone making a vigil - 24/7.

18. Just knowing that you are one cell of a body of cenacles is a great encouragement.

19. We will try to offer each cenacle as much support as possible. We will supply all the seminars, devout life teachings, and much more.

20. We have two websites - (English and Spanish). Both have professionally filmed FOL Rosary (so you pray your personal rosary at home with others on your computer).

21. We professionally filmed Fr. James Otto giving the 7 seminars, which are on the English website.

22. The whole year is filled with events to encourage you at the diocesan level. Many regional events will also happen.

23. Our first FOL event was in August 2014, so everything is happening quickly and you are one of the early members. Jesus probably saw you as a good foundational person.

24. FOL Communication Center

    St. Philomena Convent

    15 Highland Ave.

    Lansdowne, PA 19050

    English website -

    Spanish website -

25. National Director - Eileen Piergiovanni

26. At this point, we need lots  of volunteers. Please let us know if you can help.