What are the effects of this grace?

Written on 02/27/2018
The Flame of Love Movement, US (Philadelphia)

Essentially, through this movement, Mary is pouring out graces necessary for our times, a grace specifically for the renewal of the earth through the renewal of families. The messages given to Elizabeth Kindelmann are urgent and emphasize the “same” message as most of the other approved ones from La Salette, Akita, Betania and elsewhere. 

Jesus told Elizabeth: “The Grace from the Flame of Love of My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will be to your generation what Noah’s Ark was to Noah.” These messages are the most important of all (since Fatima), as there is a signal grace intended for everyone, which we are asked to pass to others, heart to heart. God makes it very clear that the grace offered through His Mother’s Immaculate Heart is a signal grace that blinds Satan and it is key to surviving the coming attacks on the Faith. It is a grace for Catholics, Christians and even non-baptized!

As explicitly communicated by Mary and Jesus to Elizabeth Kindelmann, the “effects of grace” of Mary’s Flame of Love, which she is pouring out into and through the souls who receive this great gift, are (not in any order of importance):

  1. the blinding of Satan (the disabling of Satan in this world to prepare for the Triumph)
  2. the renewal of families as sanctuaries
  3. a commitment to co-redemption
  4. a return to purity  
  5. the salvation of souls    
  6. the much-needed protection from coming catastrophes     
  7. the cleansing of the priesthood and a dramatic increase in vocations    
  8. the Illumination of Conscience                         
  9. the Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart
  10. the Triumph of Jesus’ Sacred Heart
  11. the arrival of Second Pentecost
  12. the advent of the Era of Peace
  13. the sanctification of souls
  14. the fulfillment of the Second Vatican Council