Are You Called to Spread the Flame of Love in Your Area?

Written on 02/28/2018
The Flame of Love Movement, US (Philadelphia)

1. Pray this Prayer: “Holy Spirit, you are the Love between the Father and Son, the Sanctifier, the Author of Grace, the Giver of Gifts, especially Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge and Counsel, I beg You, through Your Spouse and My Mother Mary, and the power of the Flame of Love of Her Immaculate Heart, convict me to spread this Grace and show me how to do so.”

2. Read the Flame of Love book once through in a prayerful way, asking the Holy Spirit to guide you. Then, reread 2-3 pages every day. As you read, focus on our Lord’s thirst for love, repairing for sin and helping Him to save souls.

3. Commit to pray your Rosary every single day with the Flame of Love petition (“Spread the effect of Grace of thy Flame of Love over all humanity”).

4. Start a Flame of Love Cenacle in your home first, and pray and fast for your pastor by name for three weeks before approaching him. See the separate document: “How to Approach you Pastor”, which is attached. Use the “Prayer Cenacle Sheet” as your guide with the people in your group. Download this at Click on the ‘Prayers’ link in orange letters.

5. Order Flame of Love books (available in English and Spanish), brochures, prayer cards, and holy hour pamphlets at If you wish to order more than 15 books please contact Ray Mooney, national Materials coordinator at or call 718-309-6126.

6. Spend time on the website and review all the materials under the Resources tab. There are many videos to watch and share, as well as written materials, which will allow you to grow in the knowledge of this Grace and with our Faith, especially our call to holiness.

7. Begin to fast one meal per week on Monday on bread and water only. Ask the Holy Spirit for the Gift of Fasting, and slowly after a few weeks expand the fast for both breakfast and lunch on Monday (on bread and water only. You can take supplements and medicines, but no coffee or tea). If you are a diabetic or have health issues, or are over 60, please fast from something you enjoy on Mondays (TV shows, the internet, alcohol, hobbies, etc.), if a bread and water fast would not be beneficial to you. Fasting for many people, who do not have pre-existing health issues, can produce health benefits. Any health questions on fasting should be referred to your doctor.

8. Be open to the other exercises of love and reparation, which our Lord and our Mother taught Elizabeth Kindelmann, such as night vigils of reparation. Also, please learn all the promises given to help encourage us to persist. They are listed on the FOL website: