Helpful Hints for Cenacle Leaders

Written on 02/28/2018
The Flame of Love Movement, US (Philadelphia)

1) List your cenacle on the website.  Direct link to do this is: At top of that page, under Greater Philadelphia area, click on “If you would like to have your prayer cenacle added to this website, please fill out this form."

2) Provide following info to others:

Flame of Love website:

Spanish website:

Direct link to Holy Hour prayers:

FOL Facebook pages:

3) Post notice of events on your personal Facebook page and other social media

4) Add website link to your email signature

5) Make others aware of Daily Meditations tab on FOL home page

6) Tell members about Mary’s Garland (file listed below)

7) Ask your pastor if you may place books, blue brochures, prayer cards at bulletin stations in church/chapel.

8) When you have a parish event, e.g., ministry fair, festival, have a table set up.

9) Encourage small home cenacles.  Invite friends who belong to other parishes.  This will help spread the Flame.

10) Speak to other groups in your parish- Rosary, young mothers, youth, Bereavement etc.

11) Have an email prayer chain. Some people in cenacles who cannot attend meetings pray the FOL Rosary daily, read all emails and pray for special requests

12) Sign up for Tony Mullen’s Spiritual Gems: and enter your email address on the right, then click on “Subscribe.”

13) Sign up for Tony’s Divine Antidote: Scroll down until you see “Follow Blog via Email” on the right.  Enter your email address and click on “Follow.”
14) Check website regularly for updates

15) Order materials through website For bulk quantities contact Ray Mooney at

16) Encourage others to become engaged and attend FOL events.


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