How to Approach Your Pastor about the Flame of Love Grace

Written on 02/28/2018
The Flame of Love Movement, US (Philadelphia)

1. Most priests have not yet heard of the Movement nor the Grace. Please do not assume that your relationship with your Pastor will permit immediate approval. Pastors have a duty to be prudent, and they will most always want to see all the evidence of church approval. A few will actually decline or defer the decision.

2. Recruit at least two other parishioners to pray and fast for at least three weeks before writing to your Pastor. Ask our Mother to intercede for success with your Pastor through the power of the Holy Spirit and her Flame of Love.

3. Write a simple letter to your Pastor asking for a short meeting to get his blessing to bring the   Grace and the Movement to the Parish, and to specifically start a Prayer Group in Church, to   pray for him and all priests, for new vocations and for the conversion of sinners and the   sanctification of all members of the parish. Note in the letter that the Movement has the   blessing of the Holy Father, the approval of Cardinal Peter Erdo, who is the local Bishop where it originated, and the Archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles Chaput, since the U.S. coordinator is located within the Philadelphia Archdiocese. These approvals are now contained in the most recent edition of the Flame of Love simplified Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann. Your letter to the pastor should ideally be signed by three parishioners. Include the Flame of Love book with your letter and the letter from Monsignor Chieffo, which can be obtained from  found under Church Approval Icon.

4. Whatever decision your Pastor makes, thank him and be completely humble, kind and patient. In the very rare case he declines, know that God will send down more Grace through His Mother to spread it elsewhere. If he does decline, ask him kindly if you could instead start a Prayer Group at home. We have never had a Pastor turn down a request for a home Prayer Group.

 5. Have Masses said in preparation and/or thanksgiving for this intention. You can have Masses said “For the Intentions of the Immaculate Heart of Mary”. If there are no Mass intentions available until well into the future at your Parish, you can use the Seraphic Mass Association to have Masses said by foreign Priests, by calling 412-683-4700.
6. Please pray every day for your Pastor and other Parish priests.