Encouraging Members to Begin a Cenacle

Written on 02/28/2018
The Flame of Love Movement, US (Philadelphia)

1. Who is a leader? Everyone – that means you.

2. What does a leader do? They take responsibility to gather people regularly. We call this a cenacle.

3. How often?  Usually each week, but it could be bi-weekly or monthly.

4. Where?  Let God lead you.  Most would begin in a home and just stay there.  Or a home group might become strong and move to the Church.  Some cenacles begin immediately in the Church.

5. How large should a cenacle be? 2, 3 or 4 would be enough.  God will give the growth.  To unite your hearts in prayer is the important goal.

6. As a leader, what should I do in the cenacle?  The Rosary and a few Flame of Love prayers (Unity prayer) are the only essentals.  There should be mental prayer (using meditatons) and teachings.

7. What teachings should I use?  FOL has developed many teachings for introducing people and for spiritual growth.  These include Introductory talks, 7 seminars (with video DVD), devout life teachings, and lists of sayings taken from the Diary. Go to the resources icon at www.flameoflove.us

8. What is my task?  Just become familiar with them and share them with the others.

9. What other helps? The FOL leaders meet every Monday at St. Philomena Convent in Lansdowne.  All leaders are welcome to sit in and get a personal experience of what happens (noon to 3:00 PM).  Also, we have many events and retreats that will speed up your learning.

10. Any special hints?  There are quite a few: Love one another. Rejoice always. Remember that your litle cenacle is spiritually atached (like a cell in the body) to all the others. Pray your Rosary every day with frequent Communion and Confession.  Have a great zeal for souls. Always think of those whom you can invite to your next cenacle meetng. Put a great stress on getng newcomers. Encourage the newcomers to learn what you have learned and to begin their new cenacle. Enjoy some songs in your cenacle. Love your parish and your pastor. Always intercede for everyone, especially those who no longer come to Mass.