FATIMA and the Flame of Love

Written on 03/04/2020
The Flame of Love Movement, US (Philadelphia)

Why Do We Need Another Devotion? continued...

Our Lady promised humanity at Fatima, “in the end, my Immaculate Heart will Triumph.” Amazingly, Jesus seems to attribute this coming triumph specifically to the Flame of Love.

Elizabeth wrote, “He spoke to me at length about the time of grace and the Spirit of Love quite comparable to the first Pentecost, flooding the earth with its power. That will be the great miracle drawing the attention of all humanity. All this is the effusion of the effect of grace of the Blessed Virgin's Flame of Love. The earth has been covered in darkness because of the lack of faith in the soul of humanity and therefore will experience a great jolt. Following that, people will believe. This jolt, by the power of faith, will create a new world. Through the Flame of Love of the Blessed Virgin, faith will take root in souls, and the face of the earth will be renewed, because "nothing like it has happened ever since the Word became Flesh." The renewal of the earth, although flooded with sufferings, will come about by the power of intercession of the Blessed Virgin (Kindelmann, full English version, p. 61).

On Nov. 13, 2004, Father Gabriel Rona, S.J., former International Coordinator of the Flame of Love Movement, gave a talk at the Third National Conference, which took place in Quebec, Nov. 13, 2004. He focused on the sublime connection between the Flame of Love and the message of Fatima.

He began, "You invited me, my dear brothers and sisters, because you wanted to hear me talk about the Flame of Love. One cannot regard the Flame of Love in itself as an isolated event. To understand a little better the message of the Flame of Love, I would like to start with the message that the Most Blessed Virgin had given at Fatima...." 

Download the PDF of the talk given by Father Rona on the Flame of Love and Fatima here Download the PDF of the talk given by Father Rona on the Flame of Love and Fatima here