OUR LADY OF AMERICA and the Flame of Love

Written on 03/04/2020
Emily Brammer

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Along with other Hungarian saints, including his father King Saint Stephen, one of the forebearers of the Flame of Love Movement is Saint Emeric, who holds an important role vis-a-vis the United States of America as its patron saint! The Flame of Love grace is (according to Our Lady) the answer to the prayers of King Saint Stephen, his son Saint Emeric and the other Hungarian saints. But, in particular, Saint Emeric is lauded by Our Lady as one of the greatest. In fact, Our Lady told Elizabeth that Saint Emeric’s intercession for the youth was the most powerful prayer of all the Hungarian saints!


We know that while the Flame of Love was first given to humanity in Hungary, it is meant to spread to all nations, families and individuals - heart to heart - to all of humanity. But among all the nations, America has a special connection to the great Saint Emeric, which seems to tie Our Lady’s Flame of Love Cause with Her Cause for America in a special way. I will explore the connection between Our Lady’s messages through the Flame of Love Movement and Her messages specifically for America in greater detail, because of its implications for the United States - and because of how it seems to be unfolding in the present days. 

To start with, you might be unaware of the fact that Amerigo Vespucci was named after Saint Emeric! Amerigo is the Italian form of the name Emeric. In fact, Vespucci used a Latinized form of his name (Americus Vespucius) in his Latin writings, which was used as a basis for the new name in its feminine form, that is, the Land of Americus, or America. Therefore, Saint Emeric, a model of purity for the youth, is the namesake of our great country! We are extremely blessed for that, because Saint Emeric is a very special and important saint. We know that there are many, many great Hungarian saints, but Our Lady told Elizabeth that Saint Emeric’s intercession for the youth was the most powerful prayer of all the Hungarian saints! What a great saint America is named after!

From Weninger's Lives of the Saints, we get a glimpse into who this extraordinary young man was:

"Suddenly, the Church was illuminated by a heavenly light, and he heard a voice from above, saying: “Consecrate the purity of your soul and body to the Lord, and preserve it until your end.” Emeric rejoiced greatly at hearing these words, and immediately obeyed them, by making to God a vow of perpetual chastity. Meanwhile, his holy father, who knew nothing of this, had anxiously sought a virtuous spouse for his only son, and now desired that Emeric should marry her. The prince had not the courage to reveal his vow to his father, much less to refuse the proposed marriage. Hence, trusting in God, he allowed the ceremonies to take place, but then made known his vow to his royal bride, and represented to her so clearly the value of angelical purity, that she willingly bound herself by the same vow. At the moment of his death, the Archbishop who assisted him, saw the soul of the holy prince ascend to heaven, accompanied by angels, whom he had endeavored to imitate in chastity" (source).

Here is the connection to Our Lady of America. It is important to know that when Our Lady appeared to Sister Mary Ephrem in Rome City, Indiana, She expressed her desire for the youth in America to live lives of purity. She was smiling as she said: “I am Our Lady of America, Immaculate Virgin. I desire that my children honor me, especially by the purity of their lives.” This was the central message of the apparitions: that we, in the United States, be children of her Most Pure Heart. If her request is obeyed, she would form an army, especially among the American young, who would be called “Torchbearers of the Queen,” carrying her message of faith and purity to all other nations of the world. If her requests were obeyed she promised to grant peace to the United States and use our faithful to spread the peace of Christ throughout the world. If her message is unheeded America will suffer along with the rest of the world in a chastisement that will be horribly severe. Our Lady chose to deliver this message on the feast of the eight North American martyrs, September 26, 1956. (from https://catholicism.org/our-lady-of-america.html)

Are Saint Emeric’s prayers for the youth being answered in America, the only nation named after him? Will Saint Emeric, patron saint of America, with his extraordinarily powerful and efficacious prayers for the youth - along with the Flame of Love grace that was (according to Our Lady) the answer to the prayers of Saint Emeric and the other Hungarian saints - help us fulfill her wishes expressed in Her other apparitions in America, such as at Rome City, Indiana? These messages are all from the one and the same Immaculate Heart of Mary, and is interesting to see the connections! 

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