Origin, Purpose, and Getting Started

April 13, 1962 - Friday of Sorrows (Editor’s Note – Solemn remembrance of the Sorrowful Blessed Virgin Mary on the Friday before Palm Sunday)
. . . . Sobbing, she said to me:
Mary: “My little Carmelite, so many sins are committed in this country [Hungary].  Help me.  Let us save the country.  I place a beam of light in your hands; it is the Flame of Love of my heart.  Add your love to this Flame and pass it on to others, my little one.”
“My mother, why do you not work miracles like you did at Fatima so people may believe in you?”
Mary: “the greater the miracles, my little one, the fewer those who believed in me.  I asked for the First Saturdays and they never heeded my request.  I am your gentle and understanding Mother.  United with you, I will save you . . . . 
I would like to place in your hands a new instrument, which I want you to accept and appreciate the importance of, because my heart looks upon my country with great affliction. . . . 
Take this Flame, my daughter, you are the first one I am handing it to.  It is the Flame of Love of my heart.  Ignite your own heart with it and then pass it on to others.”
Mary: “With this Flame full of graces that I give you from my heart, ignite all the hearts of the entire country.  Let this flame go from heart to heart.  This is the miracle becoming the blaze whose dazzling light will blind Satan.  This is the fire of love of union which I obtained from the heavenly father through the merits of the wounds of my Divine Son.”
p39: Mary: “Do not be afraid of the Flame that will light up imperceptibly.  As a soft light, it will arouse no suspicions. This is the miracle that will come forth in your hearts.”
p60: Mary: “I assure you, my little one, that I have never before given into your hands such a powerful force of grace, the burning flame of the love of my heart. Ever since the Word became Flesh, I have not undertaken a greater movement than the Flame of Love of my heart who rushes to you. Until now, nothing could blind Satan as much. And it is up to you not to reject it, for this rejection would simply spell disaster.”
“My heavenly Mother, you’re entrusting me with this great Cause, me the most miserable in the world? Me, a beggar clothed in rags. I am worth nothing in human terms and much less in your sight.”
Mary: “My Flame of Love will first flare up at the Carmel, my little one, for is there any place where I am more venerated? They are the ones who are called to venerate me the most. Also the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, together with those devoted to me, must collaborate in spreading the Flame of Love.
Hurry, my little one. The moment is near when my Flame of Love will ignite. At that moment, Satan will be blinded. I want all to feel it in order to increase your trust. This will give you great strength. All those whom this force will reach will feel it. The Flame will ignite and will reach the whole world, not only in the nations consecrated to me, but all over the earth. It will spread out even in the most inaccessible places, because there is no place inaccessible to Satan. From it, draw strength and confidence. I will support your work with miracles as never seen before, and that the reparation to my Divine Son will accomplish imperceptibly, gently and silently.”
p76: Mary: “My Flame of Love must be carried across to the other side of the ocean.”
p78: Mary: “Now we set out, my little Carmelite, together with Saint Joseph. You must walk with us along Bethlehem’s dark roads covered with mist. You have to seek a refuge for my Flame of Love, which is Jesus Christ himself. Do you want to come with us? Because it is now that we are leaving to carry on my Flame of Love. You will receive strength and grace from us.”
p79: Mary: “There has never been a time of grace like this since the Word became Flesh. Blinding Satan will shake the world.”
p95: Mary: “My little one, your compassion for the poor souls has so moved my motherly heart that I grant the grace that you sought. If at any moment, while invoking my Flame of Love, any of you pray in my honor three Hail Mary’s, a soul is released from purgatory. During November, the month of the deceased, ten souls will be released from purgatory for each Hail Mary recited. The suffering souls must also feel the effect of grace of the Flame of Love of my maternal heart.”
p99: Mary: “My little one, my Flame of Love has become so incandescent that I want to spread on you not only its light, but also its warmth with all its power. My Flame of Love is so great that I can no longer keep it within me; it leaps out at you with explosive force. My love that is spreading will overcome the satanic hatred that contaminates the world so that the greatest number of souls is saved from damnation. I am confirming there has never been anything like this before. This is my greatest miracle ever I am accomplishing for all. (She begged me not to misunderstand her.) My words are clear as crystal and easy to understand, hence do not create confusion with misinterpretations. Your responsibility then would be great if you ever did this. Get to work, do not be lazy. I will help you in an almost miraculous way, and my help will always continue. Trust me. Act quickly. Do not put off my Cause to another day.
Satan does not look on with his arms folded, he is making enormous efforts. He already feels that my Flame of Love is lighting. This provoked his terrible fury.
Enter into battle, we will be the conquerors. My Flame of Love will blind Satan to the same extent that all of you spread it around the world. Just as the whole world knows my name, so I want the Flame of Love of my heart performing miracles in the depths of the hearts to also be known. There will be no need to investigate this miracle. All will feel its authenticity within their hearts. Whoever has felt it once will communicate it to others because my grace will be active in them. There is no need for authentication. I will authenticate it myself in every soul so that all recognize the effusion of grace of my Flame of Love.”
p101: I am going to record what the Blessed Virgin told me in this year - 1962. I kept it inside for a long time without daring to write it down. It is a petition of the Blessed Virgin:
Mary: “When you say the prayer that honors me, the Hail Mary, include this petition in the following manner:
‘Hail Mary, full of grace… Pray for us sinners, spread the effect of grace of thy Flame of Love over all of humanity, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.’”
Note: The competent bishop asked Elizabeth: “Why the very old Hail Mary should be recited differently?” On February 2, 1982, the Lord answered:
Jesus: “It is exclusively thanks to the efficacious pleas of the Most Holy Virgin that the Most Holy Trinity granted the effusion of the Flame of Love. By it, ask in the prayer with which you greet My Most Holy Mother: ‘Spread the effect of grace of thy Flame of Love over all of humanity, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.’ So that, by its effect, humanity is converted.”
The Most Holy Virgin added:
Mary: “I do not want to change the prayer by which you honor me; (Footnote: The Hail Mary) by this petition, I want rather to shake humanity. This is not a new prayer formula; it must be a constant supplication.”
p106: Mary: “. . . I, the Mother of Mercy, entrusted you with the most excellent of my graces: to make my Flame of Love known to others. Why precisely you? I will tell you. Listen, my daughter, you are also the mother of a large family. Through your children you know all the pains and problems of a family. Many times you were close to falling beneath the cross of difficult trials, and you still experience many sorrows over your children. Bearing such ordeal is meritorious for you and for any mother. By divine will, these experiences that affected your life have not been in vain. I have taken them all into consideration. I know you understand me, and this is why I shared with you how I feel in my motherly Heart. My sorrow is just like your sorrow.
. . . . Only a mother can truly share my sorrows. I am the Mother of Sorrows, I suffer greatly because of the souls being lost. I am tortured in pain as I grieve for the suffering of my Divine Son. Never despise any tiredness, be my eternal companion helping me bear my sufferings. This is what I ask of you.”
p127: Mary: “You are a mother also. With you, I share the immense pains and sufferings of my maternal heart. I know very well that you share in my motherly sorrow. Just think if your six children were condemned to hell. What sorrow you would experience! And Me? Oh, what torment to have to see so many souls damning themselves and going to hell. Help me, my daughter, my little one.”
p149: The Lord Jesus had a really deep conversation with me. . . . .
He spoke to me at length about the time of grace and the Spirit of Love quite comparable to the first Pentecost, flooding the earth with its power. That will be the great miracle drawing the attention of all humanity. All that is the effusion of the effect of grace of the Blessed Virgin’s Flame of Love.
The earth has been covered in darkness because of the lack of faith in the soul of humanity and therefore will experience a great jolt. Following that, people will believe. This jolt, by the power of faith, will create a new world. Through the Flame of Love of the Blessed Virgin, faith will take root in souls, and the face of the earth will be renewed, because “nothing like it has happened ever since the Word became Flesh.” The renewal of the earth, although flooded with sufferings, will come about by the power of intercession of the Blessed Virgin.
P154: Mary: “When your soul was still in the darkness of night, I made my Flame of Love shine on you, and by its smooth, caressing warmth, I gave you a new strength. Many souls are asleep out there like yours was, and I also want to project on them the life-giving rays of my maternal heart, the effect of grace of my Flame of Love. Listen, currently, earth is like nature before a storm. It can also be compared to an erupting volcano which smothers, kills and blinds with the infernal smoke and its falling ashes. Its tremors disturb everything around it. Such is the terrible situation of the earth at this moment. The crater of hatred is boiling. Its deadly sulfur ashes change souls created in the image and likeness of God into gloomy and colorless creatures. 
And I, the beautiful ray of dawn, I will blind Satan. I will free this world darkened by hatred and contaminated by the sulfurous and steaming lava of Satan. The air which gave life to souls has become suffocating and deadly. No dying soul should be damned. My Flame of Love is already lighting up. You know, my little one, the elect will have to fight against the Prince of Darkness. It will be a terrible storm. Rather, it will be a hurricane which will want to destroy the faith and confidence of even the elect. In this terrible turmoil currently brewing up, you will see the brightness of my Flame of Love illuminating Heaven and earth by the effusion of its effect of grace I am passing on to souls in this dark night.”
p158: Mary: “Sacrifice and prayer! These are your instruments. The goal is to bring about the powerful work of Salvation. Oh, if your desires reach the throne of the heavenly Father, the results will be abundant.”
p159: Mary: “My little Carmelite, whatever the difficulty confronting you, do not give up the fight. By virtue of my Flame of Love which now I send upon the earth, a new era of grace never known before begins on earth. Be my faithful collaborator.”
p165: Mary: “My little one, I reward the great desire and compassion you have for the souls in purgatory. Up until now, you have recited three Hail Mary’s in my honor thereby liberating one soul. Now, to fulfill your burning desire, ten souls will from now on be liberated from this place of suffering.”
p169: Mary: “My little one, I extend the effect of grace of the Flame of Love of my heart over all the peoples and nations, not only over those living in the Holy Mother Church, but over all the souls marked with the sign of the blessed Cross of my Divine Son.”
Further annotation in the diary: “Also over those who are not baptized!” 
p171: During the nightly vigil, the Blessed Virgin began to speak. While she did, she spread the boundless pain of her maternal heart into my soul. While my heart was filling up with the sorrow of her maternal heart, she continued to speak.
Mary: “My little one, only a mother can understand the anguish and sorrow of my soul. That is why I am speaking to you. You know about anguish and you understand me. Oh, how many of my children are damned! I crumble under the weight of the pain and I want to share it with you just so you hasten to set into motion my Holy Cause. You are also a mother and the anguish of my heart is also yours.”
While this motherly pain was growing within my heart, she asked me again not to refuse any fatigue and not to neglect her request that will go forth through me.
P175: Mary: “ . . . . my Flame of Love will sweep away with uproar the distrust of souls. Encountering no resistance, the Flame will illumine souls with a gentle light. Those accepting the Flame of Love will be intoxicated by the abundance of graces and they will proclaim everywhere, as I said before, that such a torrent of grace has never been granted since the Word became Flesh.”
Mary: “I want to place a new instrument in your hands. It is the Flame of Love of my heart. With this Flame full of graces that I give you from my heart, ignite all the hearts, going from one to the other. Its brightness will blind Satan.
My Flame of Love is so great that I can no longer keep it within me; it leaps out at you with explosive force.
Sublime mission: To propagate the Flame of Love.
To propagate it should be the principal purpose of your life, my little one. Help me to propagate this devotion!”
Pray constantly to the Blessed Virgin with this prayer:
Our Mother, spread the effect of grace of your Flame of Love over all of humanity. Amen
Each time you pray invoking the Flame of Love for all humanity, Satan is blinded and loses his dominion over souls: “Help me to save souls.”
“My Flame of Love will blind Satan to the same extent that all of you spread it around the world.”
p185: Mary: “My little one, I want that not one soul be damned. You should want this together with me. For this purpose, I place in your hands a beam of light that is the Flame of Love of my heart.”
When she said these words, I experienced more deeply the sorrow of her heart.
P187: Jesus: “By her [Mary’s] powerful intercession, she obtained from Me for families this great effusion of grace, which she also wants to extend to the whole world. As she said: ‘Nothing comparable to this has happened ever since the Word became Flesh.’ 
She places the healing power of her maternal goodness at the root of evil. She did not want to perform a spectacular miracle as does occur in the large famous sanctuaries of the world, giving rise to great admiration. She wants every family to be a sanctuary, a wonderful place where, in union with you, she works miracles in the depth of hearts. Going from heart to heart, she places in your hands the Flame of Love of her heart. Through your prayers and sacrifices, it will blind Satan who wants to rule over families.”
p198: . . . . this priest understood the essential message, which is ‘to blind Satan.’ This is the principal and only purpose of the Flame of Love of the Blessed Virgin. She, herself, promised an outpouring of graces so great as have not happened on earth since the Word became Flesh.
P210: Jesus: “Our Mother wants no soul to be damned. Therefore, all must share in this great saving work whose purpose is to save souls.”
p236: Mary: “Yes, my little one, we will put out fire with fire: the fire of hatred with the fire of love. The fire of Satan’s hatred hurls its flames so high that he believes his victory is at hand. But my Flame of Love will blind Satan. I have placed this Flame of Love in your hands, and soon it will reach its destination, and the flames which spring from my love will quench the fire of hell. My Flame of Love, with its unimaginable light and beneficent warmth, will wrap the earth. To accomplish this, my little one, I need sacrifice, your sacrifice and the sacrifice of many such that the minds and hearts where the infernal hatred is burning may receive the soft light of my Flame of Love.”
Then she explained:
Mary: “Do you know what you represent? You are a sparkle of light enkindled in my Flame of Love. The light you receive from me enlightens souls. The greater the number of souls who sacrifice and watch in prayer, the greater the power of my Flame of Love on earth will be. Hence, line-up in close ranks because it is with the power of sacrifice and prayer that the flash of hellish hatred will be overcome. Evil will diminish gradually, the burning flame of hatred will be put out, and the splendor of my Flame of Love will fill all regions of the earth.”
p278: Mary: “For this reason, I want my Flame of Love to overflow upon the earth so all can see the road that leads to the Kingdom of my Divine Son.”
p283: Mary: “You can only explain my Flame of Love to others by speaking about it. You have no right to be silent because of cowardice, pride, negligence or fear of sacrifice.
P293: Jesus: “Every parish must urgently organize communities of prayers of atonement, blessing one another with the sign of the Cross” (including strangers).
P294: Mary: “Humanity must fulfill my request with the greatest devotion.”
Jesus interrupted: “Because the Flame of Love of the heart of My Mother is Noah’s Ark.”