Satan’s Attacks On Society

P43: Mary: “ . . . Pay attention to what I say . . .  You know my heart is immensely in pain.  Satan is sweeping souls away in a terrifying way.  Why do you not all try your best to stop him and do it as soon as possible? I need your help.  My heart is burning with sorrow because I see how many souls are being damned.  Many are dragged away in spite of their good will.  With a sarcastic smile, the Evil one extends his arms, and with terrible malice, he drags away those for whom my Divine Son suffered unspeakable torments and death.  Please, help!”
p44: Mary: “Satan’s wild rage is growing steadily, he wants to dominate even persevering souls.  Do not let him do this.  Help me!”
p49: Mary: “The Evil One is working with greater success and determination than everyone.  That hurts me so much!”
p68: Jesus: “Trust, My little one. No one can destroy God’s plan. It is true however that I need your effort for My work of Redemption. I do not want to lose any of you. Satan is undertaking a battle against the human race like there has never been before.”
p97: Jesus: “My little one, did I send you many sufferings in these past few days? I implore you, do not grow weary of these great pains. Endure them for your family and those of the whole country. You know that Satan, foaming with rage, wants to destroy families. Let us suffer together. . . .
. . . . You are a mother of a family and you are aware of the several forms of family disintegration. To save families, throw yourself into the furnace of suffering. Oh, how much sinning is done against Me by destroyed families! Make reparation and suffer for them. Do not lose the least opportunity.”
p99: Mary: “Satan does not look on with his arms folded, he is making enormous efforts. He already feels that my Flame of Love is lighting. This provoked his terrible fury.”
p154: Mary: “Listen, currently, earth is like nature before a storm. It can also be compared to an erupting volcano which smothers, kills and blinds with the infernal smoke and its falling ashes. Its tremors disturb everything around it. Such is the terrible situation of the earth at this moment. The crater of hatred is boiling. Its deadly sulfur ashes change souls created in the image and likeness of God into gloomy and colorless creatures. 
And I, the beautiful ray of dawn, I will blind Satan. I will free this world darkened by hatred and contaminated by the sulfurous and steaming lava of Satan. The air which gave life to souls has become suffocating and deadly. No dying soul should be damned. My Flame of Love is already lighting up. You know, my little one, the elect will have to fight against the Prince of Darkness. It will be a terrible storm. Rather, it will be a hurricane which will want to destroy the faith and confidence of even the elect.”
p284: Jesus: “Be on a war footing! Satan, by his cunning and deceitful machinations, is trying to produce a muddy morality to ruin the good. The Christian conscience cannot be satisfied with just helping here or there because the souls to whom you should have spoken will accuse you.”
p295: Mary: “My little one and all of you my beloved children, be on the alert. Satan wants to remove the ground of hope from beneath your feet. He knows very well that if he succeeds in doing this, he will have removed everything from your souls. If you lose hope, he does not even need to tempt you to sin. He who has lost hope is in terrible darkness. He no longer sees with the eyes of faith. For him, all virtue, everything that is good, loses its value. Oh, my children, pray constantly for each other. Allow the outpouring of my graces to take effect in your souls.”