Blinding Satan

Mary: “With this Flame full of graces that I give you from my heart, ignite all the hearts of the entire country.  Let this flame go from heart to heart.  This is the miracle becoming the blaze whose dazzling light will blind Satan.  This is the fire of love of union which I obtained from the heavenly father through the merits of the wounds of my Divine Son.”
p40: Mary: “Be a soul which cannot live without sufferings.  By their union with the sufferings of my Divine Son, these souls increasingly feel His closeness.  Desire with all your heart that my Flame of Love be lit quickly and blind Satan.”
p43: Jesus: “This prayer [the Unity prayer] is an instrument in your hands.  By collaborating with Me, Satan will be blinded by it; and because of his blindness, souls will not be led into sin.”
p59: . . . . she [Mary] permitted me to feel in a wonderful way the effects of grace of her Flame of Love which, at that moment, were felt not just by me, but by all the souls in the country.  Then she began to speak.
Mary: “Now, Satan has been blinded for some hours and has ceased dominating souls.  Lust is the sin making so many victims.  Because Satan is now powerless and blind, the evil spirits are set and inert, as if they have fallen into lethargy.  They do not understand what is happening.  Satan has stopped giving them orders.  Consequently, souls are freed from the domination of the Evil One and are making sound resolutions.  Once those millions of souls emerge from this event, they will be much stronger in their resolve to stay firm.”
p60: Mary: “Hurry, my little one. The moment is near when my Flame of Love will ignite. At that moment, Satan will be blinded. I want all to feel it in order to increase your trust. This will give you great strength. All those whom this force will reach will feel it. The Flame will ignite and will reach the whole world, not only in the nations consecrated to me, but all over the earth. It will spread out even in the most inaccessible places, because there is no place inaccessible to Satan.”
p79: Mary: “There has never been a time of grace like this since the Word became Flesh. Blinding Satan will shake the world.”
p79: While praying before dawn, the Blessed Virgin spoke with me about the effect of grace of her Flame of Love.
Mary: “From today on, when you, together with the person designated to you as companion, are in vigil, to you who already know my Flame of Love, I will grant the following grace: as long as your night vigil will last, my Flame of Love will act upon those who are dying throughout the whole world. I will blind Satan so that my Flame, gentle and full of grace, will save them from eternal damnation.”
p84: Mary: “During the hours of reparation [on Thursday and Friday], the power of Satan will weaken to the degree that those making reparation pray for sinners.”
p99: Mary: “My love that is spreading will overcome the satanic hatred that contaminates the world so that the greatest number of souls is saved from damnation. I am confirming there has never been anything like this before. This is my greatest miracle ever I am accomplishing for all. (She begged me not to misunderstand her.) My words are clear as crystal and easy to understand, hence do not create confusion with misinterpretations. Your responsibility then would be great if you ever did this. Get to work, do not be lazy. I will help you in an almost miraculous way, and my help will always continue. Trust me. Act quickly. Do not put off my Cause to another day.
Satan does not look on with his arms folded, he is making enormous efforts. He already feels that my Flame of Love is lighting. This provoked his terrible fury.
Enter into battle, we will be the conquerors. My Flame of Love will blind Satan to the same extent that all of you spread it around the world.”
p102: Mary: “My little one, you are the first one showered by the effect of my Flame of Love full of grace, and in union with you, I am extending it to all the souls. Whenever someone does adoration in a spirit of atonement or visits the Blessed Sacrament, as long as it lasts, Satan loses his dominion on the parish souls. Blinded, he ceases to reign on souls.”
p110: Mary: “If you attend Holy Mass while under no obligation to do so and you are in a state of grace before God, during that time I will pour out the Flame of Love of my heart and blind Satan.
My graces will flow abundantly to the souls for whom you offer the Holy Mass, because when Satan is blinded and devoid of his power, he is unable to do anything. The participation in the Holy Mass is what helps the most to blind Satan. Tormented and breathing out terrible vengeance, he wages a ferocious battle for souls since he feels the impending coming of his blindness.”
p113: Mary: “Throughout the day, you should offer me your daily chores for the glory of God. Such offering, made in a state of grace, also contributes to blind Satan. Live in accordance with my graces so that Satan will be blinded even more and in an increasingly large range of action. Take advantage of the abundant graces to make a multitude of souls live a holier life.”
p154: Mary: “And I, the beautiful ray of dawn, I will blind Satan. I will free this world darkened by hatred and contaminated by the sulfurous and steaming lava of Satan. The air which gave life to souls has become suffocating and deadly. No dying soul should be damned. My Flame of Love is already lighting up. You know, my little one, the elect will have to fight against the Prince of Darkness. It will be a terrible storm. Rather, it will be a hurricane which will want to destroy the faith and confidence of even the elect. In this terrible turmoil currently brewing up, you will see the brightness of my Flame of Love illuminating Heaven and earth by the effusion of its effect of grace I am passing on to souls in this dark night.”
p167: Mary: “You see, my little one, once the Flame of Love of my heart lights up on the earth, its effect of grace will also spread out to the dying. Satan will be blinded and, through your prayer at the nighttime vigil, the terrible struggle of the dying against Satan will end. Coming under the gentle light of my Flame of Love, even the most hardened sinner will convert.”
p174: Mary: “Humility and sacrifice! These two virtues jointly predominate in your soul. Trust, at last, in my maternal power by which I will blind Satan and free the world from damnation.”
p176: Mary: “You must dedicate yourselves to blind Satan. The coordinated forces of the entire world are necessary to accomplish this. Do not delay because someday you will be called to account for the work entrusted to you, for the fate of a multitude of souls. I do not want even one soul damned. Satan will be blinded inasmuch as you work against him.”
. . . . 
Mary: “The soft light of my Flame of Love will light up, spreading fire over the entire surface of the earth. Satan, humiliated and reduced to powerlessness, will not be able to exercise his power.”
p182: Pray constantly to the Blessed Virgin with this prayer:
Our Mother, spread the effect of grace of your Flame of Love over all of humanity. Amen
Each time you pray invoking the Flame of Love for all humanity, Satan is blinded and loses his dominion over souls: “Help me to save souls.”
“My Flame of Love will blind Satan to the same extent that all of you spread it around the world.”
p187: Jesus: “She [Mary] places the healing power of her maternal goodness at the root of evil. She did not want to perform a spectacular miracle as does occur in the large famous sanctuaries of the world, giving rise to great admiration. She wants every family to be a sanctuary, a wonderful place where, in union with you, she works miracles in the depth of hearts. Going from heart to heart, she places in your hands the Flame of Love of her heart. Through your prayers and sacrifices, it will blind Satan who wants to rule over families.”
p198: . . . . this priest understood the essential message, which is ‘to blind Satan.’ This is the principal and only purpose of the Flame of Love of the Blessed Virgin. She, herself, promised an outpouring of graces so great as have not happened on earth since the Word became Flesh.
p233: Jesus: “Satan blindness means the universal triumph of My divine Heart, the liberation of souls, and the opening of the way to salvation to its fullest extent.”
p236: Mary: “Yes, my little one, we will put out fire with fire: the fire of hatred with the fire of love. The fire of Satan’s hatred hurls its flames so high that he believes his victory is at hand. But my Flame of Love will blind Satan. I have placed this Flame of Love in your hands, and soon it will reach its destination, and the flames which spring from my love will quench the fire of hell. My Flame of Love, with its unimaginable light and beneficent warmth, will wrap the earth. To accomplish this, my little one, I need sacrifice, your sacrifice and the sacrifice of many such that the minds and hearts where the infernal hatred is burning may receive the soft light of my Flame of Love.”
Then she explained:
Mary: “Do you know what you represent? You are a sparkle of light enkindled in my Flame of Love. The light you receive from me enlightens souls. The greater the number of souls who sacrifice and watch in prayer, the greater the power of my Flame of Love on earth will be. Hence, line-up in close ranks because it is with the power of sacrifice and prayer that the flash of hellish hatred will be overcome. Evil will diminish gradually, the burning flame of hatred will be put out, and the splendor of my Flame of Love will fill all regions of the earth.”