p.7: Jesus: “Look at My disfigured Face and My tortured sacred Body. Didn’t I suffer to save souls? Believe in Me and adore Me.”
At that very moment, I made acts of faith, hope and charity begging Him to never allow that I be separated from Him. Let Him chain me to His sacred feet so I would always be united to Him. Thus I would always feel sheltered. He then asked me to renounce myself because I tend to be distracted and worldly. 
Jesus: “I do not force you. You have your free will; only if you want it.”
I tried with all my strength. Afterward, everything fell into place drawing me closer to Him. He kept urging me.
Jesus: “I want to give you great graces but you must renounce yourself completely.”
These were harsh words for my reason. This is why I asked Him, “Am I capable of doing this?” 
Jesus: “You must only will it; leave the rest up to Me.”
p.8: Jesus: “Renounce yourself completely.”
So that nothing would tie me to this world, I gave away everything to my children. Later on, I felt that I had done the right thing. Now, I had nowhere to rest my head peacefully. Our Lord kept urging me.
Jesus: “Renounce yourself.”
p.15: Jesus: Accept faithfully the sacrifices that I ask of you for My Cause. Many ask repeatedly to share in My works, but when they must accept a sacrifice from My own hands, they are afraid of Me.
Do not deny Me your sufferings, and help for the conversion of sinners. If you act this way, you will have a great reward. A time will come when you do not just hear My voice quietly in your soul, you will hear it aloud and it will bless you.
My daughter, you will have to suffer much. I will give you no consolation that will tie you to the earth, but I will always give you My fortifying grace. Also, the power of the Holy Spirit will be with you. You must get rid of all that entices you to evil, and live according to My pleasure. I can help you to find the right path. Immerse yourself in My teaching.”
“In spite of all my efforts, O Lord, I see no progress in myself.”
Jesus: “Do not worry! Begin anew each day. Our Mother will help you, ask everything from her. She knows how to please Me.”
Many times, Jesus said to me:
Jesus: “My daughter, renounce yourself. I keep insisting on this because you can only share in My work of Redemption if you live united with Me at every moment. There must be no interruption... 
p.19: The Lord asked me not to mix up the holy hours with His creatures.
Jesus: “Do not seek yourself! I have constantly said that I want you entirely for Myself. Renounce yourself. Nothing must exist between you and I.”
“Lord,” I said, “I am only a beginner.” 
Jesus: “Do not grow discouraged, daughter, because you must begin somewhere.
Jesus: “My daughter, renounce your will. I ask this so many times because you can only share in My work of Redemption if you live united with Me totally and without interruption at every moment.