Tasteless Meals

p41: Jesus: “I want you to increase your fasts if you accept.  Do not give yourself to any pleasure.  Let your breakfast and your afternoon meal be bread and water.  You can have other foods only at your principal meal, but make them tasteless.  Do not eat to please your taste but only to nourish your body.  Anyway, the body will demand what it needs.”
p56: Jesus: “My little one, get rid of anything that gives taste to your meals.  Only in this way, will I be your guest.  What is tasty for you is tasteless for Me.  I ask you, therefore, that if you invite Me, seek what pleases Me.”
p163: During lunch, it was very difficult to make my meal tasteless. So, I decided to eat one half and to make tasteless the other half. Our Lord sadly observed.
Jesus: “I accepted sufferings without a thought and I saved you from all your sins, not just from some. Do not be stingy. May our hands gather in unity.”
p207: After some difficult days of fasting, the Lord Jesus gave fresh life to my soul. I began to eat but I took no pleasure. A long time ago, the Lord had asked me to abstain from food for the pleasure it provides, but to take it only for my body's nourishment. My children provide me with an abundance of food. I always take what they previously gave me and do not eat what they recently cooked. At lunch, the Lord Jesus assured me of His presence and said:
Jesus: “Think of Me, My little sister. How rare it is that a fresh soul has come to Me which, rather than having had a taste of sin, had a taste of Me. May our souls be in harmony. Offer this to Me. Taking your food without any taste is a sacrifice from your heart which is tasty for Me. In this way, our hands gather in unity. Is it not true that you also find this wonderful?”
p264: . . . . I took only bread and water at the request of the Lord Jesus. He had told me that only at lunch I should eat other foods, not for their taste but only to feed my body.