p23: Jesus: “Do you know that I was awaiting you with a sad heart? You see how lonely I am! You are the only one here.  If you did not come, I would be an orphan.  You were an orphan, My little one, and you know how bitter it is.”
p102: I was kneeling in silence. He did not cease to praise me. Meanwhile, the devil tried to torture me. To my great surprise, his presence stirred up in me a peculiar sensation, but it was not fear. He could not harm me even though he called for attention. I was struggling to listen to the Lord’s words. The devil, however, was powerless and said: “Now, it will be easy for you. You have slipped away from my claws.” I was stunned and could not understand what was going on. It never happened before that I would kneel in silence for hours and meditate deeply, while the devil was so exasperated. Then I perceived the voice of the Blessed Virgin in my heart.
Mary: “My little one, you are the first one showered by the effect of my Flame of Love full of grace, and in union with you, I am extending it to all the souls. Whenever someone does adoration in a spirit of atonement or visits the Blessed Sacrament, as long as it lasts, Satan loses his dominion on the parish souls. Blinded, he ceases to reign on souls.”
p142: I started to feel cold. I did not spend much time in prayer because our church is very cold and made out of cement. However, the Lord Jesus, almost begging me, insisted that I stay.
Jesus: “Do not leave Me now. I am alone and without consolation. Oh, how often I am alone!”
He asked:
Jesus: “Tell Me, since I have been sharing My house with you and I have granted you entry at any time, when you came to Me, have you ever encountered anybody in My house?”
With my head down, I tried to remember. “No one, Lord! During this time, I saw no one.” This sadness broke my heart. He continued to ask.
Jesus: “You see why I say, ‘Do not leave Me alone!’ Let Me give you abundant graces which are stored up in the immeasurable love of My Heart. May our souls be in harmony. May our hearts beat to the same rhythm. . . . ”