Continual Repentance

p12: My beloved Jesus, I want to repent of my sins and to love You more than any repentant sinner.  My beloved Jesus, in the future, I ask that not one day goes by without my love causing me tears of repentance.  Humble me, Lord Jesus, every moment of my life, so I always see myself as poor and sinful.
P18: Jesus: “With each beat of your heart, repent of your sins.  Make reparation and console me.”
p22: Jesus: “You know how pleased I am when you prostrate before Me and say that you are sorry for your sins as no sinner has ever been sorry, and that you want to love Me more than all converted sinners. . . . 
What happiness your profound and sincere repentance has also gained for the heavenly Father.  Continue to repent every moment of your life.”
p30:  . . .  His unlimited sorrow poured into my heart.  “My Lord Jesus, I am a miserable sinner.” He continued:
Jesus: “My daughter, your repentance has brought you closer to Me.  Seek this profound repentance for a great number of souls.  I call many souls to follow Me, but few come.  I am not capricious.  I choose souls from many places and from diverse circumstances, but unfortunately with little result.”
p36: Jesus: “Let there be repentance in every beat of your heart.  With every breath, take in My love, and when you exhale, pass it to your neighbor.”
p49: Jesus: “I instituted the Sacrament of Penance, yet you make no use of it.  For this, I have sweated blood.  For this, I was crowned with thorns.  I let myself be nailed to the Cross.  I endured unspeakable suffering.”
p55: Jesus: “Bring your frailties to Me, do not think this has no merit.  I know you very well.  The most hidden corner of your soul is an open book for Me.  I hope that you can recognize your deficiencies.  In this way they become meritorious.”
“O Jesus, I want to repent of my sins as no one has ever repented before.  All the beatings of my heart are nothing.  How many grains of dust are in the world? In every one, I place the sorrow of my heart so that the wind takes them to you in reparation from my innumerable sins.” When I was sorry in this way, Jesus was very touched, and with a sweet voice, He said:
Jesus: “I place the smallest part of a single drop of My Blood over your great sorrow.  I forgive your sins fully and I forget them.  Offer this profound repentance for all the sinners.”
p126: His words led my soul to a great repentance. The Lord Jesus said:
Jesus: “Repent on behalf of others also.”
p142: Immersed in His infinite goodness, I asked pardon for my offenses and for those of my family and my parish. I offered reparation for all who had offended Him in any way, and I always referred to the Flame of Love so that the Virgin would pour out its effects of grace on all.
p153: Jesus: “All of you must discard your false humility that keeps you away from Me. I say this because you stay far from Me by claiming that you are not worthy. Really, your sins cause you to starve for My love. So, make yourselves worthy by repentance. . . .”
p162: Jesus: “I cherish you and I heal you. I do not ask for the patient’s file, I hunger only for the voice of repentance. Repentance is the only step that brings you closer to Me.
I know that many will fall again, but if I see you are not going astray as you distance yourselves from Me, I can quickly raise you from your prostration since My divine hand is close to you. Then, as I raise you, the sin falls away instantly and you become lighter again. Gratitude is all I want in return. Tell Me just one word: ‘Thanks.’
You ask, ‘How often?’ Every time I raise you! Surely, this is the least you can do. However, if you thank Me for others, then you are well engaged on the road of progress. Also, My Elizabeth, I want you to pray so the number of repentant and grateful souls may grow from day to day.”
p183: During the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, He asked me to offer Him reparation for the offenses committed by so many people paying very little attention to His inspirations. Oh, immediately, my sins came back to mind. I was one of them having offended Him very much. Can anyone think of this and not shed tears? 
“Lord, forgive my sins.” Many, many times, I experienced the repentance that the Lord’s mercy brought forth in my soul. “I want to repent for my sins like no one ever has repented until now. I want to love You like no converted sinner has ever loved You until now.” 
While I was repenting of my sins, He continued:
Jesus: “You know, the great sin of the world is to ignore My inspirations. It is because of that and lukewarm consecrated souls that the world is walking in darkness. They could help Me, but they are not even aware how dangerous their tepidity is. I beg you, communicate the desire of My Heart to your spiritual father. Hopefully, he and those who guide souls will follow My inspirations with greater fidelity, and bring souls to understand the importance of this, because otherwise it is impossible to lead a spiritual life. Regardless of how great their perseverance may be, if they set aside My holy inspirations, their souls will become corrupted just like the ones entrusted to them.”
p212: Conscious of my misery and my nothingness, I always think of what I can give You. Lord, my Jesus, I once more give You my sins again and again, and the monotonous flow of tears from my heart imbued with graces. Please listen to me. This is the music of my heart and the only gift I can offer. I know that this is also a gift from You and I thank You a million times. In every beat of my heart there is repentance. My Lord, my Jesus, it is very little because my heart sometimes misses a beat. Therefore, I ask You that in each grain of dust that You have created, I can place sorrow for my sins. In this way, the wind can take them to You and You can see how much I love You. This is my hymn, my poem and my music. This is all that I can give. Accept me as I am.”
Jesus: “My little one, your profound sorrow for sins will move many to repentance, and sinners will return to Me.”
p219: Jesus: “My little one, accept the extraordinary manifestation of My love that you deserve by your continual repentance. This is the shortest road to come to Me, making you fly like an arrow. This humble, uninterrupted repentance keeps you in flight… I overlook everything. By your repentance, you attract Me to you like a magnet, and any soul doing that will attract Me. Oh, I beg you, draw Me to yourselves. Repentance is the most perfect instrument in your hands by which you totally oblige Me, and I grant you virtually anything. During those moments, I pour out boundless graces on you.”
p219: Jesus: “What unites Me with you? Your inexhaustible repentance! Yes, this is what inebriates Me. Poor little soul, listen to My words giving recognition to what you’re capable of. You inebriate the most high and all powerful God. Understand this great marvel: you can make Me happy by your repentance for your sins.”
p221: Jesus: “ . . . You, beloved! You! Your sorrow for sins makes your soul – and that of all who come close to Me with true sorrow for sins – beautiful and pleasing.”
p222: Jesus: “My dear child, wish Me many, many souls. This is My only request. Souls! Oh, how I long for sinners! Oh, how I suffer from the indifference and the contempt of souls. Tell Me, Elizabeth, is it difficult to love Me?”
When He asked, I could only answer by my own sorrow for sin. The Lord Jesus continued:
Jesus: “The great repentance of your soul, Elizabeth, renders the souls fruitful. Do you know what your repentance is like? It is like the bee that gathers the pollen, flying from flower to flower. This is your repentance! And the more you pray for souls, the more I pour My abundant graces, and they will repent for their sins. You see, if the bee does not cooperate, the bee and the flower are useless. Nothing results.
Look! The sinner is passive doing nothing just like the flower, which is hoping to be pollinated. You understand, do you not? Your repentance for sins allows My graces to be active in souls. Just as the collected pollen transforms into honey, so the tears of your repentance, through My grace, transforms into sweet honey in the souls of sinners. Give Me great joy!”
Then He stayed silent and I heard His sigh of longing in the depth of my soul. He made me experience His great desire for souls.
p232: Jesus: [During a complaint about pious souls] “Do not be surprised that I speak in a severe tone of voice. This severity springs also from My love. I would like them to take at heart My words and that they prostrate themselves before Me in an atoning adoration and a repentant heart. For it is also a habit of pious souls to think that after having spent a good time at their devotions, they have already given to God what is God's.
Oh, you fools! If you could only feel the immense pain your pious indifference causes to My divine Heart. I am the Victim and it was not by pious attitudes but only by a continual acceptance of sacrifices that I brought about My redemptive work. Repent! Repent! Repent! This is what I am asking you. The voice of repentance reaches up to the throne of My heavenly Father. It is the voice holding back the arm of justice of My Father.”
Pious Souls – Repent
November 10, 1964
The Lord continued His complaints against the pious souls.
Jesus: “It seems to Me that you have forgotten that I already pronounced these words when I was carrying My Cross, and the holy women were weeping for Me more than for their own sins. Again, I ask pious souls to repent. Repent on behalf of others as well.”
p261: In the morning, while prostrating before Him during Holy Mass, I pleaded with a deep sorrow for my sins. The Lord showed me that He was deeply moved and made me feel the beating of His Sacred Heart. He said:
Jesus: “A long time ago, you received from My merciful Heart the full possession of the love which forgives. I accept this profound repentance with which you prostrated yourself before Me for the sake of others, and I grant them My pardon.”
p267: Jesus: “Keep nothing for yourself! You must ensure that even the contrition of your sins yield interest here on earth because you will not be able to do this after your death.”
Then, as if I was flooded with light, my soul was immersed in an indescribable bliss. After Holy Mass and all during the day, a feeling of unspeakable gratitude was poured upon my soul and these words came to my lips: “Lord, my adorable Jesus, You have given me a sorrow for my sins so I can share in your work of Redemption…” And while I was still thinking of His divine goodness, His longing for souls was burning in my soul with a fire which was constantly growing. At its flame, He allowed me to feel that He even uses our sorrow for sins for the redemption of souls. Then He interrupted my thoughts.
Jesus: “The current of My graces, powerful like an overflowing river, will act in your soul in an uninterrupted way and with a constant intensity, if your repentance, like a powerful river, was rushing toward Me and surrendering to Me!”
p271: Jesus: “You see, beloved, how immensely powerful repentance is! You can even disarm the power of God on the verge of chastising the world. Listen, Elizabeth, you and all who make reparation for others force Me to forgive even though My raised hand is ready to punish. I extended My hands nailed to the Cross before My heavenly Father to defend you and save you from eternal damnation. I offered satisfaction to My Father. You must do likewise, this is what it means to participate in My work of Redemption.”
. . . . . 
Jesus: “You see, beloved, how immensely powerful repentance is! You can even disarm the power of God on the verge of chastising the world. Listen, Elizabeth, you and all who make reparation for others force Me to forgive even though My raised hand is ready to punish. I extended My hands nailed to the Cross before My heavenly Father to defend you and save you from eternal damnation. I offered satisfaction to My Father. You must do likewise, this is what it means to participate in My work of Redemption.”
p275: Jesus: “On the chords of your soul, I play the melody of repentance. Upon hearing this melody, even the obstinate sinner will convert. This melody comes from all the suffering you accept. It is the melody of your accepted sacrifices whose sound penetrates souls, and through it, you make reparation for sinners.”
p278: . . . . I grew silent and thought, “No one can pay God.” But, I am a daring person. “My Jesus, do not think it is because I am rude or proud that I dare to think that I will repay You with the sorrow for my sins. I give You what You do not have and what I do have.” Then the Lord Jesus spoke to me.
Jesus: “You know, My Elizabeth, not long ago, I exchanged My Heart and My Soul with you. This means that I bought your sins at the price of My Precious Blood. But for your offering not to be without value, I accept it now so that it would be you who will pay the others in My Name. Do you understand? By your repentance, a perfect sorrow for sins will be enkindled in a multitude of souls.”
p279: Mary: “My Flame of Love and your repentance work together. Through this, many souls return to my Divine Son.”