p9: Following a brief moment of adoration, I said to the Lord: “O Jesus, You have me here. I have separated myself completely from the world, just as You wanted, so that absolutely nothing can come between us. Do I please You? O my God, how miserable I am! How much these sacrifices have cost me! Do You know how humiliating it is to live this way?” Then I heard the Lord’s voice in me.
Jesus: “You must live this way from now on, in the greatest humiliation.”
Hearing these words, my soul was plunged into His eternal thoughts. I asked, “Do You now accept me?” The Lord did not answer but my soul experienced a great silence. Bowing my head, I was only looking at Him. What will He say to me? I felt this self-surrender had moved me closer to the Lord. Nothing disturbed the silence in my soul. While kneeling, my soul was filled with profound repentance and gratitude towards Him. I awaited His words more than ever.
p18: Jesus: “My little one, do not be overwhelmed.  Live hidden in great humility.  Except for a few persons, no one should know about you.  You will gain merits by your sufferings.  These you must offer in union with Me to the Eternal Father for the souls consecrated to Me.  May your humility be so great that you radiate goodness and love to all whom you meet.
. . . Always ask Our Mother to protect you in hidden humility.”
p22: Jesus:  “. . . Your constant failures do not destroy your spirit; instead, they ensure your humility.  Meditate frequently on this until you perfectly understand it . . . “
p23: Jesus: “I always tell you not to worry that you can give Me only little things.  I say again, always remain little.  Do you know what we are going to do? You will give Me the little pieces of a mosaic which you collect throughout the day.  I will arrange these pieces according to their color and shape.  When all is finished, you will marvel to see the work of art that I created.  But I cannot be an artist unless you gather the pieces.  Without you, I cannot bring about My work of art.”
p36: Mary: “My daughter, now that you are over this great temptation [attacks from Satan], I will reward you.  You have overcome a great trial.  We wanted to increase your humility.  This is why my Divine Son let Satan get so near to you, to make you more able to propagate the Flame of Love.”
p40: Mary: “Just live in hidden humility and be consumed in suffering.”
p68: Mary: “We will even make your faults and sins serve the good of your soul. These will always keep you humble. Always be concerned about humility. Only a very humble soul can fulfill our Cause.”
p75: Jesus: “See humiliation as a great instrument that guarantees abundant fruit for your work. Seek and love humiliation. I did this during My lifetime. If this is difficult for you, seek out our Mother. She is the true teacher of humility and she will help you.”
p78: Jesus: “Do you want to give yourself to Me entirely and without reserve? I, the Man-God, ask this of you. I need you for My work of Salvation. What I am asking you now is a total abandonment. Therefore renounce yourself completely with all your strength and all your will. You must serve only Me. No one else and nothing else now exists for you. Only I.”
“O Lord Jesus, my adorable Christ, you ask me to serve only You. Can I do anything else? As You ask, I give myself totally and without reserve. Sweet Jesus, I live for You and I die for You. I am Yours for all eternity. To whom else can I belong? Who else would accept me with all my sins, failings and defects? With the greatest pleasure, Lord, I sacrifice my little life for souls. My only desire is that Your eternal will, the salvation of souls, is brought about. Divine Sculptor, form me in Your image and likeness, so that at the hour of my death You recognize the work of Your holy hands. O blessed divine hand that carves and caresses at the same time. My soul burns with desires when You say that You need my sacrifice. What a great distinction! I bless You, beloved Jesus, and exalt You without end.”
p81: “My Mother, I ask you humbly to forgive me. I do not waver, not even in the midst of my terrible temptations. You know that I am only an insignificant speck of dust. I can do nothing without the two of you.” 
She replied:
Mary: “It is precisely because of your littleness, incapacity and humility, that my Flame of Love will move ahead gently and without disturbance. Therefore, be careful and remain hidden in humility. You will be continually subjected to humiliations, both internal and external. It is only thus that I can guard you so to pass on my Flame of Love.”
p85: Mary: “I entrusted you with the task of making known this burning love. That is why you must be very humble. Such a grace as this has only been granted to only very few. Hold such great grace in high esteem. What you must love and seek the most in it are the internal and external humiliations. Never believe that you are important. Your principal task is to consider yourself as nothing; never stop doing this. Even after your death, this should be happening. It is for that reason also that you receive the graces of internal and external humiliations. In this way, you can remain faithful in spreading my Flame of Love. Take advantage of every opportunity; seek these external and internal humiliations with your own effort, because what you seek for yourself increases your humility even more.”
When the Blessed Virgin finished these maternal instructions, my heart was filled with profound humility. The Blessed Virgin allowed me to feel how powerful she is. Yet, in her earthly life, she was humble and modest.
P87: Jesus: “Do not be impatient because you have no spiritual director. Now, I am in charge of directing you. Just pay attention to Me. Even when I keep you in the darkness of your doubts, I am with you. Do not forget that when I was asleep in the boat, I chided My apostles for their lack of faith. It takes only one word from Me to bring about silence and light in your soul. Sometimes, I will send it through other people; accept it, even if it is through the most insignificant person. I repeat: I do this to increase your humility.”
p88: Jesus: “You have to humble yourself in every way and in every form that it happens.”
p89: The Lord’s unlimited love poured out into my heart. With my eyes closed, in deep humility and conscious of my misery, I offered myself to Him. I gave Him all my weakness because I had nothing else to offer Him.
p100: While the Blessed Virgin was saying these things, she kept my soul immersed in the thick darkness of the cave at Bethlehem. By the clarity of her divine Motherhood, she enlightened me about the great and admirable mystery of the Word became Flesh: how the Son of God, from the moment of His birth, came to be in our midst with the greatest poverty and humility. The Blessed Virgin strengthened me again in humility and said:
Mary: “Seek humility always and everywhere. Distance yourself from those who honor you, who love you. Seek only to be despised. Love those who speak evil of you and misunderstand you.”
p114: Mary: “Tell me, why are you afraid?”
I was thinking that I had to go to the bishop. Every time I thought of this my heart shriveled up.
Mary: “You have no reason to fear. Although we prepared your soul, you must unceasingly feel that you are an instrument in our hands. Attribute nothing to yourself. Fear is inevitable, it is a reflection of your pride. Do you think you are capable of anything? Devote yourself fully, my little one. Recognize your nothingness. We will lead you.”
p119: [After an event where Elizabeth tried but failed to eloquently explain the Flame of Love to a doubting priest to whom Mary had sent her]
Mary: “ . . .  Do not be surprised, my little instrument, that you cannot speak eloquent words. I am the one who acts and who enkindles the Flame of Love in the depth of hearts. I am the one who confused your words and darkened your mind. I did not want any pride in your soul. That would be a great fault. You, little instrument, be reasonable and totally humble. You are an instrument in our hands. We care for you and allow no sin to come close to you. Be careful in all your temptations. The Evil One takes advantage of every situation to shake your humility.” 
p120: During the day, the Evil One laughed mockingly: “Listen, listen, I wanted to open your eyes to make you set aside your foolishness. Enough of this fasting and nighttime vigils! Leave it all behind. It makes no sense at all.”
p156: Jesus: “Your soul needs to breathe as much as your body. The soul’s breathing comes from external and internal humiliations. In this month dedicated to My Sacred Heart, I will shower you with many graces and increase in you the virtues of humility and meekness. These two you need the most.”
p184: Jesus: “Be careful, My Elizabeth, your soul will be the battleground of a great and prolonged combat. The Evil One wants to uproot the greatest riches in your soul. He wants to destroy your humility. He knows and he sees that this is the unique value he has to attain. This is the only way that he can destroy the constancy of your soul. He will attack you with a terrible power and he will use all the resources of his hatred against you. The Evil One will disturb your thoughts, he will make you unsure of your actions. By his words, he will suggest every kind of foul deeds and he will flood you with terrible torments. He wants to deceive you so you abandon your humble devotion.”
p191: Jesus: “As for allowing you to fall many times, that was required of you by Myself in order to thus temper your soul for this great humility without which I would not have succeeded with you.”
p196: Jesus: “Although you feel so weak, that is not an impediment, because neither the manifestation of your weakness nor your constant effort will bring our Cause to a successful conclusion. Your humility is the only instrument in your hands that helps the Cause to succeed.”
p244: Jesus: “You know well that I make use of your littleness, your ignorance and your humility to gain My purpose. Above all, I stress your humility.”
p275: Jesus: “The Evil One wants to make you fall into despair. He will use a ruse to ruin your humility. The Evil One knows that if he removed the water of your humility, he can smuggle in all his perversities. Just be humble! Do the members of the audience need to know the prompter? No. Why? The prompter’s job is to make the show go well, but he can neither shine nor appear on the stage. Many times, he does not have a moment’s peace. This is your situation, daughter. See to all what the dramatic work requires; breathe it out to wherever it is necessary. I, your Master, have instructed you in all that you need. If you keep My teachings, you need not fear. Naturally, this does not mean that you can rest whenever you want, but only if the show allows it. I know, I see your thoughts, your efforts, by which you want to satisfy My divine request and will. This is enough for Me. I never seek results from you, Elizabeth. I tell you this so you are humbled. In these days and in these difficult times, you have a need for greater and more frequent humiliations. I know this. Therefore, I send you everything to bathe your soul in humiliation because without it, I could not guarantee the purity of your soul.”