Making Up For Consecrated Souls

p16: Jesus: “My daughter, renounce yourself. I keep insisting on this because you can only share in My work of Redemption if you live united with Me at every moment. There must be no interruption... 
Offer this to My Father at all times, without any interruption, also for those who have consecrated their lives to Me, yet live more for the world than for My work of Redemption. They do not think about their vocation. Do penance for your sins and for theirs also. I desire so much to cleanse them from their sins. If only they would come to Me! Do not spare yourself, My little one. Know no limit.
p20: Jesus: “My daughter, renounce your will. I ask this so many times because you can only share in My work of Redemption if you live united with Me totally and without interruption at every moment.
My little Carmelite, remember when you became a widow and your children were growing up, you would ask each one to help you for just an hour. What a great help that would have been for you. How sad you were when they excused themselves with every kind of pretext. You did your tasks alone and abandoned.
Think of how many children I have, My daughter. How delightful it would be if each one helped Me only for one hour. In those moments, My thoughts go in a special way towards those souls consecrated to Me. Those are the chosen ones of My Heart. Even though they are chosen, they do not want to be intimately united with Me. They are distracted by their worldly concerns. Immerse yourself in Me. Take their place, not just for one hour but continuously. Do not ask Me what to do. Be creative! Take advantage of every opportunity to quench My thirst with your desire to save souls.”
p40: Jesus: “Let your heart burn with desire, My little one. Just with that, you lessen the burning sorrow of My Heart. If all the souls consecrated to My Heart yearned just as I would, the number of those making reparation would increase. You know, they form a large group. If all took part with their heart and soul, by prayers and sacrifices, in My work of Redemption, I would not complain so much. Love Me more, My little one, and serve Me with greater surrender. Do not let the power of routine take control.
p50: Jesus: “Make reparation for those souls who, although consecrated to Me, have no interest in Me. I have sheltered them in My Heart and have showered them with My precious treasures. However, they leave their treasures to gather dust in the depth of their souls. If they used the Sacrament of Penance to polish these treasures, they would shine again with the light of My graces. But they have no interest and are distracted by the world’s glitter. Whoever does not gather with Me, scatters.”
p53: Jesus: “Tomorrow is the Friday of the Sacred Heart. How I want to pour out My abundant graces on all of you! Ask much for everyone, not just for yourself.
Love Me even more and with greater fidelity. Do not tire of hearing My continual complaints. I complain much, My little one, because so few listen to Me. I complain in vain to My consecrated souls. They do not enter into the intimacy of their own heart. If so, they would hear My laments. How greatly I need to tell them how to promote the coming of My Kingdom.”
p57: Jesus: “My little Carmelite, I complain because seeing so many indifferent souls grieves My Heart. Now, as First Friday again approaches, thinking of them fills Me with sadness. The love overflowing from My Heart receives no response from these souls. You, My daughter, must love Me even more. Embrace Me ever more closely in your heart. Offer your soul and serve Me with profound submission. Do this in place of those who do not, even though they are consecrated to Me.”
I had to stop writing because He again poured the sorrow of His Heart into my heart. Oh, that sorrow of His Heart, how it breaks my soul! Leaving aside the writing, I prostrated and adored Him and said to His Heart with a tiny voice: “I want to love You as no converted sinner has ever loved You.” He often overwhelms me with the sorrow of His Heart and I have to stop writing.
Jesus: “Oh, chosen souls, you know Me. You also know that My patience and My goodness have no limits. You also know the severe words which might be said to you: ‘Depart from Me into the eternal fire. Your hands do not gather with Me, they only scatter.’ Oh, you unhappy consecrated souls, enter your own hearts and be converted to Me. There is still time. Don’t let laziness have power over you. This sin is the root of every evil that enters your soul. You at least, get rid of this horrible sin that leads to despair and which you do not even want to hear about. Satan raises obstacles that block the divine light in your souls. Without the brightness of this life-giving light, you suffer and torture yourselves beneath the dark burden of laziness. 
Come to Me, you who are overwhelmed by laziness and I will take it off your shoulders and lighten your burden. The Evil One has been carefully piling this problem upon you. Only the reception of My Body can help you out of it. Give yourselves to Me. I walk behind you. Are My warnings in vain? Realize that Satan causes these disorders. This is his work and it will continue as long as I permit. Do not tear yourselves from My arms which embrace you. Turn to Me and be sacrificed on the sacred altar of inner recollection and martyrdom.
You want to see for yourselves that this is My will. Satan cannot stop this inner martyrdom. This battle in the depth of your souls brings about abundant fruit, just as does martyrdom. Watch and pray. As two or three gather, they take up the battle against the Prince of Darkness and his devastating power. Do not be idle! You act as though you did not have a heavenly Father who takes care of you. Set the earth ablaze with your burning desires. Use your sacrifice made from pure love to burn away all sin. Do you not believe this is possible? Just trust Me. Your faith and trust will give strength to a million souls to persevere. My daughter, you must never be half-hearted. Unite yourself to those souls that are consecrated to Me. I call you, also. Do not make decisions based upon the feeling of that moment. Have a firm and persevering acceptance of sacrifices. This is what produces abundant fruit in the souls.”
p67: Jesus: “You see, My little one, how many consecrated souls live a carefree life. They waste their time in great idleness and on their own desires. From their table, they throw Me little crumbs, as if I am a beggar. And how long I let this go on! And for how much longer? Woe to you should the patience of the heavenly Father wear out. There will be no one to hold back His chastising hand. To you also, I will have to say: “Depart from Me, you accursed, you did not defend the Cause of My Kingdom, you gave no value to the call I bestowed upon you. I have walked with you for so long. How many times I have reprimanded you! And you responded with a gesture of the hand that would have offended even a beggar.” (His words caused great sadness in my soul.) 
p81: During the morning, the Blessed Virgin lamented with heart breaking grief that many souls were being lost due to the lack of understanding caused by superficiality.
She does and grants everything she can; however, the consecrated souls reject everything. She asked me to accept the sacrifices and humiliations whose merits make it possible to save souls.
p90: Jesus: “The affliction of My Heart is so great because of many souls consecrated to Me. How I walk with them! I follow them step by step with My graces. In spite of that, they do not recognize Me nor do they ask where I am going. They are bored. They live in wasteful laziness, seeking only their own comfort. They exclude Me from their lives, taking every opportunity to hide like cowards and to deceive themselves. They act as if they were not My workers. O unhappy ones, how can you give an account of your wasted time?
Do not force Me to raise My sacred hands to curse you. I am love, patience, kindness, understanding, pardon, sacrifice, salvation and eternal life. Do you not desire this? Was My sacred Body crucified, covered with blood, and raised on high in vain? O you blind and heartless, do you not see what I have done for you? Is not your heart moved? Do you not want to walk with Me, and harvest with Me? To have your hearts beat in union with Me? Are not our souls in harmony? Did I open My Heart to you in vain? Would you let My flow of graces be wasted? Do you not want to share My feelings? Do you not want to hear the beating of My humble and kind Heart? Or do you prefer that I shout at you with My voice of thunder: ‘Why are you standing here doing nothing?’ Don’t be delicate and scrupulous. You should stand where I put you, firm and full of the spirit of sacrifice. I arranged everything so I could suffer for you, but you, comfort lovers, show no initiative. You only excuse yourselves and spend your whole life like this. Take upon yourself the Cross that I also have embraced and thus offer yourselves as victims as I have done. Otherwise, you will not have eternal life.
My little sunflower, I know that you listen to My many complaints. In the warmth of your heart, I experience warmth. 
I am so lonely.”
p180: When I started to clean behind and at the foot of the high altar, – which for so many years had not been cleaned, and where the layer of dust was as thick as a finger and my white work blouse became grey – the Lord Jesus made this bitter complaint:
Jesus: “You see, such is the soul that recollects before My altar but which, for years, has not kept itself clean. It does not look within, it comes into My presence out of habit. It also comes before Me with a layer of dust as thick as a finger on its soul.”
He then allowed me to see a priest that He had pointed out to me once before, and He asked me to suffer for him because He strongly desired this priest to come in His presence. He constantly avoids the reason why he was chosen by God. At that time I was overwhelmed, and to this day I am still quite moved. Now I continue where I left off. 
Jesus: “Indeed, you would not have suspected the existence of a thick layer of grey dust behind My altar. You also only clean the surface. Now you can see why I complain so much of souls consecrated to Me. They come before My altar, but their souls are grey and dusty. Not looking within themselves, they see only the outside beauty. Just as your white gown became grey, so by their bad example they soil many, many souls. And they do not even realize it! They should not admire themselves as they do not look at the splendid altar in their soul. They look beyond and over it. They avoid what is difficult, and as the years go on, their soul becomes grey and covered with dust. Woe to them, because through example, they influence others. From the one who knows little, little will be asked; they know a lot, however they consider themselves satisfied with the knowledge, they do not feel with Me. They do not care – as I already told you – to leave Me only a few crumbs. Of course, for each crumb received, I only give one crumb back. They are only giving Me what they no longer need in their life. Yet, they think that for the crumb that they threw to Me, they are entitled to something in return. I very much love small sacrifices, the tiny crumbs, provided that the one who gives them is not proud. I am pleased with the humble soul, and even if the sacrifice offered is very insignificant, they will receive a great reward. But I demand the effort.
p183: Jesus: “You know, the great sin of the world is to ignore My inspirations. It is because of that and lukewarm consecrated souls that the world is walking in darkness. They could help Me, but they are not even aware how dangerous their tepidity is. I beg you, communicate the desire of My Heart to your spiritual father. Hopefully, he and those who guide souls will follow My inspirations with greater fidelity, and bring souls to understand the importance of this, because otherwise it is impossible to lead a spiritual life. Regardless of how great their perseverance may be, if they set aside My holy inspirations, their souls will become corrupted just like the ones entrusted to them.”
p204: Jesus: “Pay particular attention to the extraordinary importance of priestly vocations. Coming from Me, this is not new for you. And now, with special devotion, make sacrifices for this purpose. Because not only do I commend to your special attention the vocations that are yet to come, but furthermore the present priestly vocations. Make many sacrifices for these.”
The same day, during the nighttime adoration:
Jesus: “Tell that to your spiritual director.”
My heart began to tremble. Then the Lord Jesus spoke in a thundering voice.
Jesus: “Before the difficult times are upon you, prepare yourselves for the vocation I have called you to by renewed tenacity and a firm decision. You must not be lazy, uninterested and indifferent because the great storm is brewing just ahead. Its gusts will carry away indifferent souls consumed by laziness. Only those souls with a genuine vocation will survive. The great danger that will soon erupt will begin when I will raise My hand. Give My words of warning to all the priestly souls. Let My words that warn you in advance shake them up, and My severe request...”
p230: Jesus: “I confide in you so you can tell My complaints to others. O souls, love Me and reflect on all that I have done for you. I, the Man-God, plead with you with such simple words. It hurts Me that you so often offend Me. I am so abandoned. What hurts most is that consecrated souls set Me aside. They have no time to spend with Me. They devote their time to everything but to Me. O, you foolish ones! Every minute passes. The time that you devote to Me is never lost. It is saved for an eternity of infinite value.
You will easily render an accounting for time dedicated to God. Why not do everything for Me? This is so easy. All you need is a pure soul. The purity of your soul makes you divine. He who eats My Body and drinks My Blood remains in Me, and I in him. Immerse yourselves in My words. If God is in you, My little Elizabeth, how can you not also become divine?”