Other Important Quotations

p123: Jesus: “Say and constantly repeat, ‘My adored Jesus.’ I have told you before how pleasant it is to Me, and even if you say nothing else for a whole hour, repeat it with repentance for your sins. This obtains many graces, forgiveness for sins, and provides peace for souls.”
Those words were uttered in the plural and He asked that I pass this on at every opportunity.
p113: The Blessed Virgin also showed me the disposition of those souls who will receive the Flame of Love . . . Mary: . . . I deliberately send it to souls that struggle with doubts. I do this so they feel the effusion of the effect of grace of my Flame of Love. Then they will believe and trust in me.”
p160: The first Thursdays and first Fridays of each month are special days of suffering. On those days, the Lord Jesus pours them out in a greater measure.
p161: Jesus: “I must tell you, My daughter, that My Mother will not have been as venerated ever since the Word became Flesh, as she will be once she spreads the effect of grace of her Flame of Love in hearts and souls. The day her Flame of Love prevails, all the prayers and supplications addressed to her anywhere in the world will be joined in one single supplication for help. In this way, humanity will prostrate at the feet of the Mother of God to give her thanks for her unlimited maternal love.”
The same day, He also said:
Jesus: “Pass My words on to those concerned and plead with them not to impede this great river of grace which My Mother, through her Flame of Love, wants to run over the earth.”
p286: You are responsible for one another. You are responsible for your family, for your nation, and for the entire world. May all of you feel responsible for the fate of all humanity.