Messages about Parish Life

Written on 02/27/2018
The Flame of Love Diary

The following passages are drawn from the Flame of Diary containing messages from Jesus and Mary as given to an Hungarian woman, Elizabeth Kindelmann, from 1961 – 1982. The Diary carries the Imprimatur of Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, and the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Movement, has the blessing of the Church. (See


p.74, 75 (Full Diary) – “From now on, you will be the representative of the souls of our parish community. This is a great task. Every day, you will recite the morning prayers in the name of the parish community; in the name of the fathers, the mothers, the young people, the indifferent children and the foolish elderly who, even now, do not even think about the end of their life. Ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit for them. I will answer your prayer. Ask the Father in My Name and pray for the parish community. Ask His mercy by My Holy Wounds. During the day offer Me reparation for the unfaithful souls in the parish. You see, for this you must renounce yourself entirely. I have chosen you to be the intercessor of the city. Do you know what this means? It is almost a priestly dignity. Make many spiritual communions for them. Also, do not forget the sick. Take care that not even one soul be damned...”

“Adorable Jesus, I will ask that Your Kingdom come to them.”

Jesus continued, “With this task, my little Carmelite, I fulfill all the dreams of your youth. You always wanted to go to the missions. Do you know why this was impossible until now? For this great task, you had to mature first in the womb of your family. Don’t forget, YOUR PRINCIPLE MISSIONARY WORK WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR OWN FAMILY. I could not trust you with that before, because I did not want you to stop halfway. Your family is the point of departure for your mission. THIS WORK IS NOT YET FINISHED. Be interested principally in priestly vocations.”

“Remember what I told you, WHATEVER YOU ASK, YOU WILL RECEIVE. Pray and do much penance. This is the goal of the true life of a Carmelite.”


p.96 – “On July 9, Our Lady said, “…night vigils will save the souls of the dying and must be organized in every parish so someone is praying at every moment. This is the instrument I place in your hands. Use it to blind Satan and to save the souls of the dying from eternal damnation.”

p.106 – “The Heavenly Father says, that in the measure that we love God, the world will be freed from sin. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ONE ANOTHER, FOR OUR FAMILY, AND OUR NATION. Feel responsible for the fate of all humanity. Our Lady said ,”All will see the results of their labors on behalf of the Flame of Love.”