Messages about the Family

Written on 02/27/2018
The Flame of Love Diary

The following passages are drawn from the Flame of Diary containing messages from Jesus and Mary as given to an Hungarian woman, Elizabeth Kindelmann, from 1961 – 1982. The Diary carries the Imprimatur of Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, and the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Movement, has the blessing of the Church. (See


p.77 -  Today Jesus said, “I speak to all mothers. Your work is very important. You are called to populate my Kingdom and to fill the places of the fallen angels. All progress in my Church begins in your wombs. You have the greatest work that requires the greatest responsibility…

p.18 - “On Tuesday, pray for the family and make spiritual communions for each member.  My Mother will take each under her protection.  Offer night prayer for them.  Invoke St. Joseph every day. He will help you.

p.72 - Some Words for Mothers:

 “You, mothers, must extend the warmth of your homes even to those children who are now grown. You must imitate my Mother who always provided me with her love. Her powerful intercession gained this great grace for all of you. She does not want to perform a public miracle. (This happens at her great shrines.) Rather, she wants every family to be a sanctuary where she works miracles in the hearts. She places in your hands the Flame of Love which will blind Satan who wants to rule over families.”

 Then the Virgin spoke. “My anguish comes from the danger that threatens the whole world because families are no longer places of prayer. I want to save the world and I want you to be the first to experience this immense power to blind Satan. You will receive the great grace by which we will save souls from eternal condemnation.”

 p.80 - On April 14,1964, when I arrived home from church, the Lord was waiting, “At your request, I am blessing your family and the whole neighborhood. Your children’s salvation is assured.

p.77 - A few days later, I prayed for my family. The Lord said, “Elizabeth, can you imagine me not granting you something for the good of souls? I would be opposing my saving work. Just make sacrifices for those whom you want to lead along My road.”

p.83 – On August 27, Our Lady explained, “I chose a mother to transmit my feelings because only a mother can experience my feelings. Without maternal experiences, you could not make great sacrifices. Motherhood is a vocation saturated with sufferings. As a mother, I guarantee your heavenly reward.”

p.93 - A Special Story -  On February 14, while at Church, the Lord reminded me, “Leave now. You must buy bread for your family.” However, the store was out of bread. As I was leaving, they said someone had called and ordered bread but did not pick it up. The Lord said, “I ordered the bread for you. Time given to me never harms the family.”

p.44 - Three days later, Jesus warned me, “Satan and his forces want to destroy families. You are a mother and you know the many ways in which a family is torn apart. To save families, throw yourself into the furnace of suffering. How many sins come from destroyed families.  Make reparation for these families.”

p.45 - Then, the Lord spoke, “Have confidence. Always refer to the Flame of Love. The three divine persons are obligated to my Mother. All graces sought through her will be received. Her love warms the hearts of frozen souls.”

 The following week, Jesus spoke, “I am happy with this work. Do not be so ambitious. I am happy with little sacrifices. You think you will be a saint if you do great things. You are mistaken. Great things bring glory to you. We will gather small sacrifices.”

p.32 - A Family Feud  -  On August 3, I went for adoration from noon to 3:00 PM. However, I was distressed by a family disagreement that keeps getting repeated. Jesus spoke, “I see your great efforts. They are not in vain. I will free your family from the Evil One who disturbs their peace. Trust me.” “They will need a miracle,” I said. “Cannot I work a miracle?” He replied. “I will so bless this impossible problem that it will be straightened out. I cannot deny my Mother anything when she uses her Flame of Love.

Our Lady continued, “Enter into battle. My Flame of Love will blind Satan to the degree that you spread it to the whole world. This Flame will work miracles in their hearts. They will communicate this miracle to others. No need for this miracle to be authenticated. I will authenticate the miracle in each soul. All will recognize the outpouring of the Flame of Love.

p.59, 60, Full Diary. Elizabeth was having some doubts about whether her sacrifices and Flame of Love prayers were useful, so Our Lady obtained a great grace for her and permitted her to feel in a wonderful way the effects of grace of her Flame of Love:

Mary: “Now, Satan has been blinded for some hours and has ceased dominating souls. Lust is the sin making so many victims. Because Satan is now powerless and blind, the evil spirits are set and inert, as if they have fallen into lethargy. They do not understand what is happening. Satan has stopped giving them orders. Consequently, souls are freed from the domination of the Evil One and are making sound resolutions. Once those millions of souls emerge from this event, they will be much stronger in their resolve to stand firm.”  As the Blessed Virgin spoke, she allowed me to experience what was happening in these souls under the power of grace.

p.33 - The Family  - On August 8, Jesus spoke of the early years of my marriage, of the family night prayer and of the ejaculatory prayers, “With your longings, you desired many souls. I listened to you. Many souls were converted and came to know Me. I value your desires. I had an uninterrupted desire to save souls. Let this same desire burn in your heart.” Our Lady also spoke, “Hungarian families are torn apart. With my Flame of Love I want the home to come alive again with love. I want to unite scattered families. Help me! My flame of Love being lit depends on you.”

p.35 - Consecrate Your Homes to the Sacred Heart -  Because of all my efforts at nightly prayer, the Lord promised that He himself would wake me up. I am happy when He awakens me. The night prayer goes quickly. I want to record a special happening. One summer night, as we finished our conversation, he paused for a long time in front of our house. He spoke of the virtues practiced by my children when they were small and of the merits of our family prayer. He appreciated that our family was consecrated to the Sacred Heart and practiced that devotion. Suddenly, he said, “I bless this house that is consecrated to my Sacred Heart.” This blessing was a sublime experience. He said, “My Mother obliges me to bless your family because, with every longing of your heart, you desire to spread her Flame of Love.”

p.37 - “You always wanted to go to the missions. That was impossible. You had to mature in the womb of your family. Your principal missionary work will always be your family. The work there is not finished. Be interested principally in priestly vocations.” Jesus continued his long conversation, “Never be content with yourself. There is no room for self-satisfaction. Work as hard as possible. Do not think about rest. You will be abundantly rewarded for your tiredness.”

p.45, 46 - For a long time, I did not dare to record Our Lady’s petition, “When you pray the Hail Mary, include the following petition, ‘Spread the effect of grace of thy Flame of Love over all of humanity.’” 46 The Flame of Love When the bishop asked why this should be done, Jesus explained, “Because of the Holy Virgin’s efficacious pleas, the Most Blessed Trinity granted the outpouring of the Flame of Love. For her sake,  you must place this prayer in the Hail Mary” (February 2, 1982). Mary said, “I want to awaken humanity by this petition. This is not a new formula but a constant supplication.” Then, Mary praised me, “I must praise you when I see you always busy with my Flame of Love. The Hungarian saints ask that my Flame of Love be lit as soon as possible in Hungary. The most powerful prayer is St. Emeric’s intercession for youth.” (Emeric was the son of St. Stephen, King of Hungary. He died as a youth in 1031.)     *We, too, can ask St. Emeric to pray for our youth !

p.59 - Family Blessings - Our Lady said that the Flame of Love protected my family. The Evil One could not lead them into sin. Jesus said, “Because of my Mother’s prayer, I was here all night blessing your family. How much we love you.” My daughter was sick and I thought of going to the doctor. The Lord said, “Do not go anywhere. It will be better if your daughter is not cured.” I grew depressed because she has a husband and a child. Jesus told me why, “Your daughter always has temptations. By a long sickness, I will fill her with abundant graces and her soul will be purified.”

p.109 – The Lord said,My Mother is Noah’s Ark” (Remember, Noah’s entire family was saved because of his faith!)

p.117 - September 24, 1963: Our Lady promised, “If a family keeps a holy hour on Thursday or Friday, and if someone in that family dies, the person will be freed from Purgatory after one day of the fast by a family member.”

p.60, Full Diary – Mary: “I assure, you my little one, that I have never before given into your hands  such a powerful force of grace, the burning Flame of the Love of my Heart. Ever since the Word became flesh, I have not undertaken a greater movement than the Flame of Love of my heart Who rushes to you. Until now, nothing could blind Satan as much. And it is up to you not to reject it, for this rejection would simply spell disaster.”