Consecration of the Flame of Love Apostolate

Written on 02/27/2018
The Flame of Love Movement, US (Philadelphia)

Immaculate Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth, Mother of Mercy and Our Mother, through whom Almighty God has deigned to extend the most powerful Grace to mankind since the Word became flesh, we consecrate to you this day, completely and forever, the Flame of Love Apostolate, formed to assist you in saving your children, accelerating your Triumph, and welcoming the Second Pentecost of the Holy Spirit.

We ask you to guide us in this, your apostolate, so that our planning conforms to your wishes and our efforts are always performed in your name - the Holy Name of Mary.

Enable us to grow, under your guidance so that the effect of this Flame of Love grace will spread over all humanity. Send us additional priests, and the faithful, who will embrace your endeavors, and help our apostolate to expand throughout this entire country and beyond.

Cover us with your mantle of unity, harmony, compassion, love, generosity and fellowship; keep us steeped in humility so we do not falter. Strengthen us against the attack of the enemy. Grant us the desire to share in the Redemptive activity of Your Divine Son and His Mother. Keep us strong, active and resolute; grant that our inevitable frustrations and failures will make us more determined than ever to serve you, increasing your glory and, thereby, the glory of Jesus, our Savior. We ask nothing in return but the pleasure of answering your call.

Most Blessed Trinity, please approve our consecration and, through Mary, our Mother, bless our apostolate for the returning of lost sheep to Your merciful bosom for all eternity. Amen. Alleluia!