Solid Rock Retreat Series session 2 - the Flame of Love Hail Mary - part 1

Posted on 01/23/2023

In this second part of our Building on Solid Rock retreat series, we will take a deep dive into the Flame of Love Hail Mary as the "How" of Salvation.  Just how does grace work in our lives? How do we follow the lead of the Holy Spirit? How do we work with the process? Why do we keep battling the same old sins? How do we truly overcome the habitual sins that plague us? Why is this so important to our Blessed Mother that she gave us the Flame of Love Hail Mary? Why "the effect of grace" and not just grace? Come and learn more about the greatest miracle of all.

With the breathtaking pace at which our Blessed Mother is spreading the Flame of Love of her Immaculate Heart around the world, it is important that those doing the blessed work of spreading it understand it well so information is conveyed accurately.  Frankly, it is not necessary to understand the Flame of Love in order to pass it heart to heart but it is helpful.

This series will provide a solid grounding for the Flame of Love at the heart of the Church.  The Flame of Love is all about Grace - it is the greatest outpouring of graces since the Word was made flesh.  If we do not understand Grace, we will not understand the Flame of Love.  If we do not understand what Salvation is, we will not understand Grace.  This series will give the overview of Salvation, the role of Grace and thus the critical importance of the Flame of Love to bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Divine Heart of Jesus as the effect of Grace.

This first of three parts of the second session quickly reviews the last session, moves on to the need for grace, discusses the definitions of grace , and concludes with an introduction and explanation of the Flame of Love Hail Mary.